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  • 09.05.2019
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Mooguhn | 09.05.2019
This damn show Imposters. The previous con victims tracked down con woman and are still in love with her or whatever after she robbed them blind. Bih, call the feds if you have her location tf. Why would you go let her know you’re on to her...
Faugis | 10.05.2019
If we were saying toxic femininity in males, people would go nuts. Or toxic masculinity in females. That's why people are getting so mad. While boosting one groups ego, you kick another's in the teeth. I don't really have a dog in this fight, except I know after they get done destroying Ken, they'll come for Barbie. I'm not having it.
Zulull | 10.05.2019
Is lynette scavo, she.
Tezragore | 18.05.2019
Seja bem-vindo aos meus amigos do Xvds!

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